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Rock Hill

Your Sanctuary for Rejuvenation

Experience expert care and premium products designed to refresh and enhance your natural beauty.

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Meet Our Nurses



Katie specializes in lip filler, tox treatments, and chemical peels. She provides services in the Rock Hill and Fort Mill Areas.

"IIt's never too early to age elegantly."



Specializes in skincare, injectables, and laser facial/vaginal procedures. She provides services in the Rock Hill and Waxhaw/Marvin areas.

"True beauty radiates from within, but a little pampering doesn't hurt!"

Dr. Hermiz Virtu Cosmetic Surgery

MedSpa Pricing

Virtu Cosmetic Surgery

Wrinkle Relaxers

Jeuveau: $12/unit

Daxxify: $10/unit

Dysport: $4


Revanesse (Versa): $875/syringe

RHA: $900/syringe
Nose Filler: $1,200/syringe (MD Injection)
Penis Filler: $1,400/syringe, 4 syringe minimum (MD Injection)

Skin Exfoliation

Dermaplaning: $150

Chemical Peel Skin Resurfacing/Sun Damage Treatment

TCA Peels: $999

TCA Peel Light Peel: $300

Semaglutide for Weight Loss

Starting at $300/month

Fractional CO2 Laser Deep Resurfacing/Tightening

Full Face: $3,000/treatment (incl. General Anesthesia)

Face & Neck Laser: $5,250/treatment (incl. General Anesthesia)

Face, Neck, Decollete Laser: $8,900/treatment (incl. General Anesthesia)

Decollete: $4,150

Vaginal Laser: $800

Vaginal Laser x3: $2,100

Laser Tummy: $3,500

Laser Tummy during TT: $1,500

Scar Laser/Misc Laser treatment: $250/treatment (avg. 3 treatments)

Refresh Co2 Laser: $2,500 (3 treatments)

IV Infusion Therapy (also available as single shot)

Immune Booster Vitamin Shot: $75

B-Lean Vitamin Boost Shot: $75

Inner Beauty Vitamin Shot: $85

✔ Recovery & Performance Vitamin Shot: $100

✔ Recovery & Performance Vitamin with Surgery (2 doses): $250

Immune Booster Vitamin Infusion: $175

B-Lean Vitamin Boost Infusion: $175

Inner Beauty Vitamin Infusion: $185

Recovery & Performance Vitamin Infusion: $200

Skincare Products

ZO Gentle Cleanser: $49

ZO Exfoliating Polish: $68

ZO Calming Toner: $46

ZO Complexion Renewal Pads: $59

ZO Daily Power Defense: $173

ZO Illuminating AOX Serum: $178

ZO Vitamin C 10%: $108

ZO Retinol .25% Skin Brightener: $110

ZO Growth Factor Serum: $168

ZO Brightening Creme: $124

ZO Rozatrol: $93

ZO Hydrating Creme: $120

ZO Renewal Creme: $120

ZO Growth Factor Eye Serum: $130

ZO Enzymatic Peel: $85

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